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The official journal of the European Association of Thermology is Thermology International

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Prof. K. Ammer MD, PhD, Vienna, Austria

Section Editor,Technical/Industrial Thermology

R.Thomas, Swansea, UK

Editorial Board members

  • M.Brioschi, Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • T.Conwell, Denver, US
  • A. di Carlo, Rome, Italy
  • J.Gabrhel, Trenčín, Slovakia
  • S.Govindan, Wheeling, US
  • K.Howell, London, UK
  • K.Mabuchi, Tokyo, Japan
  • J.B.Mercer, Tromsø, Norway
  • A.Jung, Warsaw, Poland
  • E.F.J.Ring Pontpridd, UK
  • H.Usuki, Miki, Japan
  • R.Vardasca, Porto, Portugal
  • B. Więcek, Łódź, Poland

Recently published articles

Aleksandr L. Urakov, Kurt Ammer, Vyacheslav B. Dementiev, Natalya A. Urakova, Albina A. Gadelshina
The contribution of infrared thermal imaging to designing a "winter rifle"- An observational study
Thermology international 2019, 29(1) 40-46

Solveig Nergård , James B. Mercer, Louis de Weerd
Perfusion dynamics in abdominal skin after free abdominal flap breast reconstruction using internal mammary vessels as recipient vessels. A clinical study using Dynamic Infrared Thermography
Thermology international Vol 28 (2018), No.4: 194-196

Alejandro Moliné, J. Fernández-Gómez, E. Moya-Pérez, M. Puertollano, G. Gálvez-García, Ó. Iborra, E. Gómez-Milán
Skin temperature reveals empathy in moral dilemmas: An experimental thermal infrared imaging study
Thermology international Vol 28 (2018), No.4: 197-206