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Procedure for applying for EAT membership

An applicant should express his/her interest in becoming a member of the EAT by sending an email message or letter to the Secretary with the membership form provided below filled correctly. Each applicant has to be ratified by the Board members of the EAT.
In your application please include your title and/or academic degree as well as your citizenship within Europe as only European academics can become ordinary members.

Although optional, it will be useful if the applicant could also indicate why they wish to join the EAT.
Legal bodies such as scientific associations must declare the country where they are located and state that promoting thermology is the aim of their non profit organisation. Addresses and the optional information are the same as for individual members
The annual fee is 50.- Euro which includes a subscription to THERMOLOGY INTERNATIONAL. (from 2012 as an online Journal)

EAT membership rules, including information for Senior, Supporting and Extraordinary members  can be found in the STATUTES of this web site (see especially paragraphs 4 to 7). 

Payment of dues can be made by international bank transfer using IBAN-and BIC/Swift codes.

The bank details are:-
account name: Dr. Kurt Ammer, European Association of Thermology
Bank: Bank Austria.
IBAN: AT62 1200 0009 6502 3054

Any questions regarding membership can be addressed to the Secretary:
Dr. Ricardo Vardasca
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Thermologie
Hernalser Hauptstr.204/14 
A-1170 Vienna, Austria
Phone &:Fax (43 1) 480 54 23 :
e-mail: ricardo.vardasca [at]