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If you have an interest in thermology, we invite you to join the European Association of Thermology! You can view a short presentation about the benefits of membership here.

The annual fee is €50, which includes a subscription to the online journal Thermology International.

Procedure for applying for EAT membership

  • An applicant should express his/her interest in becoming a member of the EAT by downloading and completing our membership application form. Each applicant must be approved for membership by the Board members of the EAT.
  • In your application please include your title and academic degree, as well as your citizenship within Europe, as only European academics can become Ordinary members.
  • Although optional, it would be useful if the applicant could also indicate why they wish to join the EAT.
  • Legal bodies such as scientific associations must declare the country where they are located, and state that promoting thermology is the aim of their non-profit organisation.
  • EAT membership rules, including information about Extraordinary membership, can be found in the Statutes section of this website (see especially paragraphs 4 to 7).

EAT membership certifies an interest in thermology. It must not be understood as certification of knowledge or skills in any technique applied in thermology. The name and logo of the EAT must not be used in promotional material of medical or commercial services. In such cases, the EAT will consider termination of membership if the member does not remove the publicity. Details of EAT membership may be included in personal web profiles or CVs/resumés, provided the correct type of membership (Ordinary or Extraordinary) is cited.