The Francis Ring Library of Thermology


Upon his retirement from the University of South Wales in 2018, former EAT President Prof. Francis Ring gifted a large selection of books on thermology and thermal physiology to the current EAT President. This collection includes historically important textbooks and proceedings, many of which are now out of print. These documents now form "The Francis Ring Library of Thermology" and can be viewed in London by EAT members by prior arrangement, by writing to us at our email address at the foot of the page.

Some of the most important books in the collection are listed below. This list will be expanded as time allows.

Human Body Temperature

Human body temperature by Y Houdas and EFJ Ring. 1982, Plenum Press, New York. ISBN 0-306-40872-4

Recent Advances in Medical Thermology

Recent advances in medical thermology. Edited by E. Francis J. Ring and Barbara Phillips. Proceedings of the Third International Congress of Thermology, held March 29 - April 2, 1982, in Bath, United Kingdom. 1984, Plenum Press, New York. ISBN 0-306-41672-7

Thermological Methods

Thermological methods. Edited by J-M Engel, U Flesch and G Stüttgen. 1985. VCH Publishers, Deerfield Beach. ISBN 0-89573-410-9

Dermatological Thermography

Dermatological thermography by G Stüttgen and U Flesch. 1985, VCH Publishers, Deerfield Beach. ISBN 0-89573-443-5

Medical Infrared Imaging

Medical infrared imaging. Edited by NA Diakides and JD Bronzino. 2008, CRC Press, Boca Raton. ISBN 13: 978-0-8493-9027-2

Bioengineering, thermal physiology and comfort

Bioengineering, thermal physiology and comfort by K Cena and JA Clark. 1981, Elsevier, Amsterdam. ISBN 0-444-99761-X

The Thermal Image in Medicine and Biology

The thermal image in medicine and biology. Edited by K Ammer and EFJ Ring.1995, Uhlen Verlag, Vienna. ISBN 3 900466 57 2