About us


The EAT supports and promotes the science of temperature measurement in medicine and biology across Europe through a programme of scientific congresses, educational courses and via our journal, Thermology International.

The EAT has several main goals. Briefly they are:

  1. to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences between national thermological associations.
  2. to assist in improving scientific research in the area of thermology and related disciplines in basic research, technology, industry, medicine and biology.
  3. to improve the respective understanding between practitioners of thermological techniques.
  4. to disseminate scientific results in the area of thermology within Europe.
  5. to initiate and support European research groups in the area of thermology.
  6. to create and expand contacts with non-European associations of thermology.
  7. to organise a European Congress of Thermology every 3 years.

If you are not already an EAT Member and would like to join, please follow the instructions in the membership section.