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Welcome to the home page of the European Association of Thermology (EAT).

 This site is primarily a reference site for members and affiliate members of the EAT with interests in the field of infrared thermography and its use both in clinical and experimental medicine. The site will also be of use to veterinarians and others interested in thermology.

The EAT  has several main goals, details of which can be found in the section STATUTES

Briefly they are:-

[1] to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences between national thermological associations.

[2] to assist in improving scientific research in the area of thermology and related disciplines in basic research, technology, industry, medicine and biology.

[3] to improve the respective understanding between practitioners of thermological techniques.

[4] to disseminate scientific results in the area of thermology within Europe.

[5] to initiate and support European research groups in the area of thermology.

[6] to create and expand contacts with non-European associations of thermology.

[7] to organise a European Congress of Thermology ever 3 years.

We hope that you enjoy our site and visit us often. If your are not already an EAT Member and wish to join please follow the instructions in the section MEMBERSHIP.

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